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Important information on the legal notice

Important information on responsibilities in connection with external links

The town of Lingen (Ems) is a public corporation. It is represented by the Lord Mayor Mr. Dieter Krone.

The town of Lingen (Ems), as a content provider according to Section 7 I Telemedia Act (TMG) of 26 February 2007 (BGBl I p.179), amended by Art 2G for the Prevention of Dangers of International Terrorism by the BKA dated 25.12.2008 (BGBl I p. 308), is responsible under general law for ''proprietary content'' that is made available for use. This proprietary content is to be distinguished from cross-references (''links'') to content provided by other providers.

Through the cross-references, the town of Lingen (Ems) provides ''external content'' for use which is identified as such. It is only responsible for this external content if it is positively aware of it (i.e. including any illegal or otherwise criminal content) and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use (Section 10TMG).

However, links are always ''living'' (dynamic) in nature. Although the town of Lingen (Ems) has checked the external content when the link was first established to determine whether it could give rise to any civil or criminal liability, it is not obliged under the TMG to constantly check the content to which it refers in its offer for changes that could give rise to new liability.

Only if it determines (or is informed by third parties) that a concrete offer to which a link is provided triggers civil or criminal liability will it remove the reference to this offer, insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness are not influenced by the fact that even after access from the Internet pages of the town of Lingen (Ems) has been prevented, the illegal or punishable offer can be accessed from other servers.

Guarantee and liability for event offers

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the town of Lingen is not the organiser of the events listed in the calendar of events but makes the information received from organisers available online. The town of Lingen does not check the completeness and correctness of the information. The town of Lingen, therefore, provides no guarantee and is not liable for the information provided by third parties, especially with regard to topicality, correctness, completeness or quality.

All organisers are obliged to provide all information about their offers truthfully and to the best of their knowledge. Since errors and spelling mistakes can nevertheless not be excluded, the organisers guarantee and assume liability for the completeness and correctness of their information only to the extent and in so far as gross negligence or intent can be proven.

If the organiser uploads a photo, he is the owner of all rights of use. The organiser makes the photo available free of charge, unlimited in time and place, for use on the Internet or other media with or without naming the author. He exempts the town of Lingen from all claims that third parties make in connection with the photo that has been posted.

The town of Lingen makes every effort to offer the calendar of events for download with as few interruptions as possible. Even with all due care, downtimes cannot be excluded. No liability is assumed for this.

The town of Lingen reserves the right to supplement, change or terminate services on the website at any time.

Reference to the company and brand names used on these pages

The town of Lingen (Ems) expressly points out that the designations, trademarks, logos and brand names mentioned and shown on this website are the property of the corresponding companies and/or persons and are subject to copyright!

Microsoft, Internet Explorer, MS-DOS and Windows are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries. For further company- or trade marks as well as company and brand names mentioned on these pages, this applies accordingly.

Should a company or person feel that their copyright or trademark rights have been infringed by said presentation on these pages, we would ask you to send us a short e-mail: We will then react without delay!

Important information on the opening of access to electronic communications

The town of Lingen (Ems) offers various options for electronic communication. In the field of administrative procedures, electronic communication is governed by Section 3a Administrative Procedure Act (VVG). Accordingly, the transmission of electronic documents is permitted, provided that the recipient has opened access.

The town of Lingen (Ems) has opened a corresponding access under the following technical conditions:

  • E-mail addresses
    The e-mail address has been set up for electronic communication by e-mail. In addition, you will find further e-mail addresses of individual departments or employees on our website. You can also send e-mails to these addresses.

  • File formats
    If you would like to send e-mails with file attachments to the administration, please note that the administration cannot support all file formats and applications or application versions commonly available on the market. Therefore, please limit yourself to standard formats such as PDF, JPG or Microsoft Office files if possible.
    For the use of different file formats, we recommend that you consult with the person in charge or contact our IT hotline.
    E-mails with file attachments that contain macros or other executable files will not be processed. In particular, we would like to point out that our system does not accept any e-mails where the size exceeds 2 MB.

  • Encryption and signature
    For technical and organisational reasons, the town of Lingen (Ems) does not currently process encrypted e-mails or electronic signatures with regard to authenticity and validity.
    If you wish to send us confidential information, we ask you to use postal mail. Documents that are subject to a written form requirement cannot be sent in electronic form. We, therefore, also ask you to switch to paper-based communication in these cases.

This information applies only to communication with the town of Lingen (Ems) and does not apply to references to offers from third parties, such as other authorities.

If an e-mail cannot be processed, you will be informed of this by the recipient. This can be triggered, for example, by computer viruses, general technical problems, incorrect e-mail addresses or deviations from the above technical conditions.

Declaration on data protection (Privacy Policy)

Please also note the Privacy Policy!