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The town of Lingen (Ems) is a family-friendly place and is expressly there for families – and especially when families are faced with special challenges.

Separation and divorce
Separation and divorce are particularly stressful for children and young people. The Specialist Service for Youth Welfare helps families with questions of contact and custody rights for children.
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Counselling centres
Through cooperation with various counselling centres, we arrange help for every situation in life. The following list of links provides an overview of the counselling centres.
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Educational assistance
When families reach their limits in terms of raising their children, they have a right to obtain appropriate educational assistance. This also applies to young adults who no longer live at home.
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Family Pass
The "Family Pass" grants families in Lingen numerous benefits and subsidies.
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"Early Help"
The "Early Help" offer includes counselling and support services for everyday life with children up to the age of three.
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Juvenile Court Assistance
Juveniles between 14 and 21 years of age who have committed (or are accused of committing) a crime find support and guidance in the Juvenile Court Assistants.
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Adoption Agency
Parents who wish to adopt or give up a child for adoption should contact the Adoption Agency.
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