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Children & adolescents
Open Child & Youth Work
Open Child & Youth Work, Holiday Pass and Holiday Camps – the town of Lingen (Ems) takes the needs of children and young people seriously and makes appropriate offers.
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Financial support
Recognised youth groups and youth communities receive a form of financial support.
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Playgrounds are adventure spaces for children and young people. 
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Voluntary commitment
With the children and adolescent promotion prize and the Youth Leader Card (JuLeiCa), Lingen (Ems) expressly supports the voluntary commitment of children and young people. The links are only availabl...
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The interests of children and young people are bundled in the Stadtjugendring.
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Photos from above: Drubig-Photo/, Jenson/, ©Helmut Kramer, shootingankauf/, Stadtjugendring Lingen