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Urban development & building projects

The town of Lingen (Ems) is shaping its future – socially, economically and structurally. 

Lingen's Urban Development Department has launched a number of interesting projects in recent years. Under the keywords “Retail trade and centre concept" and “Interior development"  pioneering concepts have been developed. These contents are only available in German.

At the locations "Alter Hafen", "Emslandmuseum" and "Bahnhofsgebäude", fundamental development and renovation work is currently underway. These contents are only available in German.

Urban land-use planning
Urban land-use planning includes land use plans and development plans. These contents are only available in German.
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Synergie Park Lühn
Another trend-setting project is the "Synergy Park Lühn", an exceptional service, commercial and industrial park located directly on the B 70, which is to be completed from 2021.  
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Feasibility study "Multi-generational living"
The feasibility study "Multi-generational living" for the exemplary development of a centrally located, undeveloped site in the Holthausen-Biene district of Lingen aims to enable citizens in old age t...
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