Foreign citizens

Actually, 2,757 foreigners from 96 different states are living in Lingen (stand 31/03/2015).

Since 01/01/2005 the Immigration Law for regulation and delimination of immigration as well as the control of the stay and the integration of union citizens with foreigners was put in force.
This law shall control and limit the immigration to Federal Territory and improve the integration of permanently living foreigners.

The Webpage of the Federal ministry of the interior ( informs about the actual legal situation and the relevant authorities and also about the process of formation and the aims of the immigration law with political backgrounds. Further information exists about the immigration to Germany, giving examples of successful immigration and continuing possibilities.

Since 01/09/2011 the present residence title for specific purposes (adhesive label) for non EU- citizens is replaced by an electronic residence title for specific purposes (eAT) in credit card format.
This is the same for the residence- and settlement permit and the pass not valid for identification in paper version.

The eAT has got a chip without contact in the inner card, on which biometric identifications such as photograph and two finger prints, next rules (official regulations) and the personal data are stored.

Aditionnally – with the help of the chip – there is also the possibility to use the electronic objective evidence as well as qualified electronic signature.

The residence titles for specific purposes in passports and suitable substitute papers valid up to now keep their validity until 31/08/2021 at the latest.

Further information concerning the eAT and the new functionalities you can find on the Internet pages at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees under

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 Within the service of the immigration authority you can find and the following services:


Financial help

As foreign citizen you can apply to the authorities for financial support under the regulations of the Asylum Seekers Benefit Act or under the regulation of the Code of Civil Law in the Special Service Labour and Social Affairs.
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Fachdienst Arbeit
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Personal Advisory Service and Support

Persons who have left their country for diverse reasons can get support and advisory service. The Social Service of Roman Catholic Men gives advice to different subjects such as language courses, personal advice for daily matters, reappraisal of personal problems, day nurseries, schools, etc.
Further information as well as contacts you will find under


Lingener Tafel

The Lingener Tafel is an institution that offers food to people who are actually or momentary in a financial crisis. This happens in a completely immediate and non-bureaucratic way.

Further information:

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