Twin Cities

Lingen currently maintains five city partnerships in the European Community and in Saxony. City partnerships are unique possibilities to find out more about the every day life of the citizens in other European countries. By communication with these citizens we can develop new friendships.
We visit these particular cities because we are interested in new impressions, other people, and different cultures. Friendly relationships with other municipal partners are very important to us. That is the reason why we also financially promote these partnerships. However, we encourage the meeting of people across the borders in different areas, be it sports, culture or the exchange of economic issues. These personal contacts and the friendly relationships ultimately form the basis for the friendships between peoples and nations:




A Short Summary of the Twin Cities of Lingen:

Twin City
Date of Signature
Distance in km
Burton upon Trent /
East Staffordshire
Great-Britain September 25, 1982 779
Bielawa Poland March 19, 1993 806
Marienberg Germany June 21, 1996 606
Salt Spain/Catalonia January 30, 1998 1.460
Elbeuf sur Seine France May 15, 2004 756

The mayors 

Burton upon Trent /
East Staffordshire
Len Milner

Ryszard Dzwiniel

Thomas Wittig
Jaume Torramadé
Elbeuf sur Seine
Djoude Merabet

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