In the 14th century the young, bachelor sons of the bourgeoisie ('Bürgersöhne') courageously defended the fortified town, then under siege. A heroic act that earns them the right to celebrate their “Kivelingsfest” every three years on the marketplace in Lingen. Recordings in the still preserved 'Kompaniebuch' (military company log book) from 1786 show that the founding year of the 'Kivelinge' (“small fighters”) was the year 1372. It describes how the male population was drastically reduced in a siege. As a consequence the citizens of Lingen were unable to do anything else but sent its young men (16 and older) to defend the fortress walls. Lingen can be grateful to the lion-like courage of these brave sons that it didn't fall prey to the enemy.
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Women, children and older people were able to survive because of the commitment of those particular 'sons'. A duty- and compulsory institution has developed because of this unique event. Documents attest that this particular army existed up to the beginning of the 19th century. Today, 600 years later, the Kivelinge are still going strong. However, the duties of the citizen sons have been transferred from military duty to the duty of taking care of the local culture.

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