Course of Studies

There are approximately 56.000 citizens and at present there are 1.750 students enrolled in Lingen. The University of Applied Science is exploring new ways of dovetailing theory and practice at its Lingen campus with the “Institut für duale Studiengänge” (Institute for Dual Degree Courses) and the other institutes of the Faculty of Management, Culture and Technology, which are cultivating links with local businesses and involved in continuous exchange between research and business. The University of Applied Sciences of Osnabrück currently offers four major courses in Lingen. Each site is responsible for one particular field of study.

 Major Fields of Study

  • Institut für Duale Studiengänge, Kaiserstraße 10b, 49809 Lingen (Ems)
  • Institut für Kommunikationsmanagement (Communication Management), Halle IV Kaiserstr. 10a, 49809 Lingen (Ems)
  • Institut für Studiengänge Management und Technik (Courses of Study Management and Technology), Am Wall Süd 16 49808 Lingen
  • Institut für Theaterpädagogik (Theater Pedagogic), Baccumer Straße 3, 49808 Lingen
In October 2012 a large part of the institutions is finding a new home under the roof of the heritage protected railway repair factory. In this way the previous largest employer of the region has become - now - the elite training center of tomorrow. So tradition and modern age meet interactively in this historical building. The 'Institut für Theaterpädagogik' (Institute for Theater Pedagogic) remains on its site in the Burgstraße.

Institut für Duale Studiengänge (Institute for Dual Courses of Studies)
The Institute for Dual Courses of Studies has continued the over 20 year developed skills of the 'Berufsakademie Emsland' for Dual Courses of Studies since September 2010. There are more than 300 businesses from almost every branch cooperating with the institution, from industry to trade, from machine sector over to electrical engineering and from process technology to power -, trade and service industry.

Kommunikationsmanagement (Institute for Communication Management)
At the Institute for Communication Management the students are able to receive the Bachelor of Arts in “Communication Management“ as well as the Master of Arts in “Communication and Management“ degrees. There are 20 instructors mentoring 250 students.

Institut für Management und Technik (Institute for Management und Technology )
The Department for Management und Technology provides a manifold offer on practice-oriented courses of study. A range of projects and integrated practice achievements complement the acquired course knowledge to prepare the students supported at best for their professional life. The instruction is divided up into lectures, that convey theoretical knowledge and the practice oriented projects and exercises.

'Institut für Theater Pädagogik' (Institute of Theater Pedagogic)
The field of Theater Pedagogic connects the educational sciences with the theater. Its origin dates back to the school- and community theatre and has been an independent discipline at the State Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany since the 1980's. Today drama teachers work as cultural mediators on theaters, on socio-educational projects, in free theater projects, as well as instructors on schools and acting schools, in the economy, the personal development, rhetoric and body language, in motivation training or the development of the internal communication.
The students study in the basic Bachelor-Course of Theater Education the application of professional stage direction, dramatic theory and drama and the didactic of conveying in six semesters. The emphasis of this particular course of study is put on to the conveying of theatrical creativity and its teaching methodology, theory and history. The Institute of Theater Education emphasizes the instruction at first hand through a competent network of professionals and through contemporary practice projects.

The Institute of Theater Education has been located in the Baccumer Straße 3 since February 2007. It has been combined into a unique network of theory and practice: The Theater Pedagogic Center in Lingen, the European Office of the International Association of Amateur Theatre (IATA/AITA) and the Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater (BDAT) (Federal German Amateur Theater) are located as next door neighbors.
Besides various exercise-rooms the Institute for Theater Education possesses its separate theater – the Burgtheater. It also accommodates the European wide unique 'Deutsche Archiv für Theaterpädagogik' (German Archive for Theater Education) and accompanies scientifically the World Festival of Children´s Theatre, which originated in Lingen. Because the Institute invites regularly to congresses it is the first address for the international professional circles and the prestigious research- and study location. There are about 130 students from home and abroad applying for 18 places to study. Eight instructors monitor a total of just 90 students – in addition there are 20 lecturers from make-up artists to choreographer.

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