I would like to cordially welcome you to the internet pages of Lingen (Ems)!

Regardless whether you are a visitor to our beautiful City on the Ems getting a first impression, or whether you plan to move to Lingen and you would like to have a look for daycare facilities for your children, or you would like to apply for a new ID card as a long-time resident of Lingen - the internet pages of Lingen supply you with competent information of our city and provide you with an excellent summary in case you have a particular problem. The direct contact to you is of course even more important than the internet page.

The staff members of the administration are always at your disposal as your contact partners. Whenever you have any questions or ideas – do not hesitate to contact us!
Curriculum vitae of the Mayor

Curriculum vitae of the Mayor

born on 2. August 1963 in Freren grown up with six brothers and sisters in Beesten; married; two daughters lives in Lingen / Laxten

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